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Nutritional Therapy Support for Patients with Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis


Section Introduction and Contents

Recipes appropriate for those using nutritional therapy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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We at NTforIBD recognize that diet is not one-size-fits-all. Personalization of dietary approach and specific dietary needs is often the key to success. Because of this, we have tagged our recipe database for easy filtering as follows:

  • Recipe Type - Looking for a pizza recipe for lunch? A pie recipe for dessert? Something different for Sunday breakfast? Return recipes that belong to those categories.
  • Main Ingredient - Have a lot of chicken breast you need to use? Search for recipes by main ingredient.
  • Categories - Return recipes based on your Dietary Approach, Dietary Restrictions, Special Occasions, Appliances, and Cuisine.
  • Search Fields - Search on Recipe Title, Ingredients Include, and Ingredients Exclude, along with the categories above, through our filtering options.

Featured Recipe : Lamb Kebabs

Summer is here! Try these easy and delicious lamb kebabs on your next BBQ evening.

Some Caveats

  • Just because a recipe is compliant with your dietary needs, it does not mean that the recipe is healthy if consumed in excess. For example, recipes for sweets should be consumed in moderation. While some recipes for sweets may not provide a lot in terms of healthy nutrition, they can be game-changers for improving quality of life and making nutritional therapy sustainable (especially in children), when used in moderation.
  • Just because a recipe is compliant with your dietary plan, it does not mean the recipe is representative of the intentions of the diet. Sometimes, certain ingredients are preferred over others and a recipe may better suit your dietary approach by making substitutions.
  • Our diet tags are not a replacement for a sound fundamental understanding of the diet you are following. For example, in IBD-AID, factors such as texture, presence of skins/seeds, and cooked vs raw come into play. For SCD, yogurt must be fermented 24 hours and only contain specific strains. CDED Phase II introduces foods at different points in time so you may not be ready for all Phase II recipes when you first start that phase. For many diets, an off the shelf condiment such as mayonnaise may contain noncompliant ingredients. It is up to you to ensure the ingredients are prepared in such a way as to be compliant with your dietary needs.
  • Always double-check recipe compliance. We have close to 1000 recipes in our system at launch and our volunteers make mistakes. Tagging of recipes is meant to be a convenience, making it easier to find recipes that fit your needs, but it is not meant to officially certify any recipe as compliant with any specific program.

Thank You Contributors!

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Nutritional Therapy for IBD would like to thank our users who have contributed recipes; the following individuals, organizations, websites, and authors who have graciously responded to our request and shared their creations here; and our volunteers who have entered, edited, and tagged the recipes, and provided photos for some recipes that did not come with them.

The following individuals, organizations, and websites graciously contributed recipes to Nutritional Therapy for IBD's PATIENT PATHWAY :

Authors of the following cookbooks graciously contributed recipes to Nutritional Therapy for IBD's PATIENT PATHWAY

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