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Nutritional Therapy Support for Patients with Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis

Overview Table

Illustrates the similarities among most therapeutic diets regard to foods allowed and foods restricted and shows the areas where there is no strong consensus.

OVERVIEW OF GENERALIZED SIMILARITIES (Some diets may be outliers in some categories):
Food TypeGeneral ConsensusDetails
Seafood/Poultry/Red Meat Included

Allowed on all the therapeutic diets. CDED does not recommend red meat, restricts the amounts of red meat and seafood, and limits poultry to chicken excluding skin, wings, and organ meat. IBD-AID suggests limiting saturated fats.

Vegetables (nonstarchy) Included

Allowed on all therapeutic diets. AIP excludes nightshades. CDED excludes a few specific vegetables.

Fruits Included

Allowed on all therapeutic diets. CDED excludes a few specific fruits.

Honey Included

Allowed on all diets. Limited to 3 TBSP per day on CDED.

Fresh Legumes Mostly Included

Allowed on all diets except AIP.

Eggs Mostly Included

Allowed on all diets except AIP.

Coffee Mostly Included

Allowed on all diets except AIP and the Induction Phase of CDED.

Dried Legumes Mixed

SCD and mSCD allow specific dried legumes (soaking required). IBD-AID allows dried legumes. AIP excludes them. CDED limits the quantity.

Vegetables (starchy) Mixed

CDED allows starchy vegetables, SCD excludes starchy vegetables, other diets restrict certain starchy vegetables.

Nuts Mixed

SCD, mSCD, and IBD-AID allow nuts (nut butters may be easier to digest in early stages/phases). CDED allows a limited amount of walnuts or almonds per day. AIP excludes nuts.

Seeds Mixed

IBD-AID allows seeds (may need to be pureed in phase I/II). SCD and mSCD do not allow flax or chia. Seeds are not allowed in AIP or CDED.

Cocoa Mixed

Cocoa (honey sweetened if sweetened) is allowed on mSCD and IBD-AID and the Maintenance Phase of CDED. It is excluded from SCD and AIP.

Grains Restricted

Wheat/gluten is excluded in all diets except CDED, which allows limited amounts of whole grain bread or pasta per day.

Corn is excluded in all diets except CDED, which allows after week 10.

Oats and Rice are mixed (mSCD, IBD-AID, and CDED allow oats; mSCD and CDED allow rice).

CDED allows Quinoa.

IBD-AID allows Barley if not celiac.

Other grains are not allowed.

Dairy Restricted

AIP and CDED Induction Phase exclude all dairy. CDED Maintenance Phase allows a limited amount of yogurt per week. SCD and mSCD allows aged cheese and 24-hour fermented yogurt. IBD-AID allows yogurt, kefir, aged cheese.

Sweeteners other than honey and artificial sweeteners Restricted

mSCD allows maple syrup. AIP allows date sugar, maple syrup, molasses, evaporated cane juice, and coconut sugar. CDED allows a very small amount of refined sugar.

Oils Restricted

SCD and mSCD exclude soybean oil. IBD-AID limits oils high in saturated fats. CDED allows only olive oil and canola oil. AIP does not allow seed oils or processed vegetable oils.

Alcohol Restricted

SCD, mSCD, and IBD-AID allow some forms of alcohol, as does CDED on weekends in its Maintenance Phase.

Processed Meat Excluded

All diets exclude processed meats.

Artificial Sweeteners Excluded

All diets exclude artificial sweeteners.

Processed Foods/Additives/Preservatives Excluded

All diets exclude processed foods/additives/preservatives.

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