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Nutritional Therapy Support for Patients with Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis

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Why we created Patient Pathway

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Patient Pathway: A Tool for Both Patients and Clinicians

Many interested clinicians are unable to integrate nutritional therapy into practice because of limited time during office visits and the lack of resources to support patients in its implementation. It is not practical to offer nutritional therapy options to a patient without also providing educational materials and the resources to implement it successfully.

Interested patients struggle to find reliable information and support. They often need help to get started and modify their lifestyle. They may struggle to find recipes that are compliant with their dietary plan and that meet their individualized dietary needs.

When the need from both patients and clinicians was clear, Nutritional Therapy for IBD took the initiative. We are uniquely qualified for the task, being recognized as a trusted and comprehensive resource for evidence-based nutritional therapy for inflammatory bowel disease. Our team consists of both medical leaders in IBD nutrition and patient/caregivers who understand this lifestyle. Most of all, we have an overwhelming drive to improve the lives of patients with IBD through nutrition.

Patient Pathway is a tool clinicians can share with patients to introduce nutritional therapy and provide lifestyle support. It is a tool that empowers patients through education, community, and recipes.

When Patient Pathway is used to supplement the care you receive from your medical team, you arm yourself with tools critical for success.

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